Options / Equipment


Very few rs cars where delivered without any extras. Some cars came with standars seats (as in xr3i). And some where also delivered without sunroof.
Some called them “motorsport editions” – Well it isn’t! Mostly some people try to see if they straight out can fool you, or others simply don’t have a clue what they’re talking abot.
But if you come around a car where the owner claims its a motorsport shell, then be sure you get all the right papers that proves what you’re dealing with. Like RS1600i you should have the vin plate at the slam panel as well to prove its authenticity with the build number.

Depening of country the factory fitted optional may vary.


Electric windows.
Opening rear side windows.
Central locking.
Electric heated mirriors.
Electric heated rear window.
Electric clock with date and stopwatch.
Dasboad cluster with rev counter.
Warning lights (in dashboard) for Brake pads / Washer fluids / Oil / Coolant / Fuel.
Adjustable wipers.
Adjustable lighting for cluster and buttons.
Recaro seats with two-tone grey Monza crushed velour (Code HC).
Sunroof with tilt and slide (under the roof).
Stereo cassetteplayer Ford SRT32P with fader control and casette tape holder.


Bodykit with wide wheel arches, side skirts an frontspoiler. All in body colour.
Rear spoiler (same as xr3i) but painted in body colour.
Front grill in body colour.
Front and reab bumper in body colour.
Side mirrors in body colour.
Front extra lamps.
6×15 7-spoke alloy with factory stampings on three spokes of each rim.