Overall info


Production years: 1984 – 1986
October 1984: Introduction og production model.
December 1984: Series production started.
June 1984: Group A homologation (5000 cars build).
December 1985: Last production car was build (sold in 1986)

Production cars: 8.604 Built in Sarrlouis in west Germany.

UK retail price: 9.250£
Custom pack: 470£

0-100 km/h: (0-60 mph): 8.1 sec.
Max speed: 205 km/h (123 mph)
1/4 Mile: 16.1 seconds.

Dimensions & Weight:
Wheelbase: 2402 mm (94.5 inches)
Front Track: 1390 mm (54.7 inches)
Rear Track: 1430 mm (56.3 inches)
Length: 4059 mm (159.8 inches)
Width: 1588 mm (62.5 inches)
Height: 1336 mm (52.6 inches)
Weight: 920 kg (2029 lb)

Oil with filter change: : 3,85 Liters.
Oil without filter change: : 3,60 Liters.
Coolant: 7,8 Liters.
Fuel: 48 Liters.

Trunk space:
With seats: 360 Liters.
With seats folded: 1050 Liters.

Wheels & Tyres:
Wheels: 6×15 seven-spoke RS cast alloys.
Tyres: 195/50 VR15 Original with Michelin MVX or Dunlop D4.

All in Diamond White.

However there’s some other colours outthere.

Black. One were painted black to Princess Diana.
Diana’s car should be the only genuine Rs Turbo mk3 that is sprayed black directly onto bare metal in the factory, and have the word Schwarz on the colour code plate on the slam panel. All others mk3 Rs turbo’s says white on the colour code plates.
I’ve seen documentation on another black Rs Turbo from 1984 that says schwarz in the registation papers, but i haven’t seen the word on the colour code panel.

Red. Some were produced. If you search Datapost Rs Turbo you’ll find a lot of info about Richard Longman legendary racecar mk3.

Blue. one were produced to the TV series “Cats Eyes”. You can find the video on YouTube. Series 2, episode 1.

Graphite grey. One should be produced, that was bought brand new in white, and then sent back to the factory for a stripdown and repaint. You can find pictures of it in various forums.

You could order the car in other colours for an extra cost. But it were all white cars that were fully build, and then stripped down in the factory and got a respray except the black one to Princess Diana.